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Graduate and Undergraduate Transportation Courses

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Transportation Spring 2010 SOC

In Spring 2010, TRC associated faculty will be offering the following courses in the area of transportation:

CE 395: Travel and Activity Choice
Discrete choice analysis is an integral part of examining individual choice behavior & is widely used in different fields to model consumer demands for goods and services. This course will provide an understanding of the theory & models of choice behavior & build on econometric modeling approaches to develop guidelines for the formulation & estimation of discrete choice models. Class examples will focus on applications in the context of travel demand & activity participation but the course instruction will emphasize general theory and modeling methodology applicable to any discrete choice problems. Pre-requisite: Familiarity with statistical estimation & hypothesis testing, matrix algebra, linear regression analysis, & basic differential calculus.
Credits (3) | Syllabus | Instructor: Brian Lee.

CE 241: Traffic Operations & Design
This course explores advanced concepts of traffic engineering and capacity analysis, highway and intersection capacity, traffic analysis and simulation software as well as design and application of controls. Prerequisite: CE 140 or permission of instructor.
Credits: (3)

ENVS 195: Sustainable Transportation Planning
This course examines the environmental and energy impacts of our transportation system and reviews transportation planning from a range of perspectives. Students examine automobile dependence, the historical antecedents of this dependence and what it suggests for our future. Students will draw from the readings, class discussions and their own knowledge to develop future-oriented solutions to move towards a more sustainable transportation system.
Credits: (3) | Syllabus | Instructor: Richard Watts

NR 245: Integrating GIS & Statistics
Advanced approaches in integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and statistical methods to analyze quantitatively spatial patterns and relationships. Prerequisite: senior/grad standing
Credits: (3) | Instructor: Austin Troy

PA 311 Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation
A seminar providing hands-on knowledge in policy analysis and program evaluation using case studies of current analysis projects and problems. Specific techniques include planning, survey administration, forecasting, cost benefit analysis, and impact assessment.
Credits: (3) | Instructor: Asim Zia

CSYS 303 Complex Networks
Detailed exploration of distribution, transportation, small-world, scale-free, social, biological, organizational networks; generative mechanisms; measurement and statistics of network properties; network dynamics; contagion processes. Students from all disciplines welcomed. Prerequisite: Math 301/CSYS 301, Calculus, and Statistics required. Cross-listing: MATH 303.
Credits: (3) | Instructor: Peter Dodds