Learn More: Alternative Fuels

Eco-driving is the practice of driving to reduce fuel consumption. By reducing fuel consumption individuals and companies can decrease their carbon footprint while saving money. To learn more about eco-driving, visit EcoDriving USA. To hold an eco-driving workshop for your company please contact Tom McGrath at vtccc@uvm.edu.

Idling is a waste of natural resources and money; it creates noise and reduces air quality. Each year idling consumes more than 6 million gallons of petroleum and about 4% of all U.S oil import. Everyone should work to reduce the amount they idle by turning off their engines when it is not necessary to have their car on. Companies can greatly reduce their fuel cost by restricting their drivers’ idling times. In addition, companies can introduce technology such as electrification systems that allow workers to run on-board equipment without running their engines.

As petroleum prices soar, car companies are designing vehicles that not only have good fuel economy but that also run on alternative fuels. To learn more and to find an alternative fuel vehicle that might fit your needs, please check out the DOE’s Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center or check out www.fueleconomy.org.