October 2003

Current Address                                 Permanent Address
123 Patterson Hall                             174 Duckpond Drive
University of Vermont                          Wantagh, NY  11793
Burlington, VT  05405                              (516) 785-6576
(802) 656-4567

EDUCATION:     Bachelor of Science Degree.  University of
               Vermont, Burlington, Vermont.  Major: Plant and
               Soil Science.  Concentration in Landscape Design. 
               Expected graduation: May 2005.

               Outward Bound.  Hurricane Island, Maine.  Summer

               Bellows Falls Union High School.  Bellows Falls,
               Vermont.  Graduated May 2002.

GENERAL        Plant Salesperson, Afterglow Florists, Burlington,
EXPERIENCE:    Vermont.  Maintain house plants, educate public to 
               proper care of plants, handle retail sales.  
               Responsible for management of shop one day per week.
               September 2002 - present.

               Greenhouse Assistant, Evergreen Greenhouses,
               Orange, Vermont.  Responsible for mechanical and
               hand seeding, propagating ornamental and vegetable
               plants; regulating automatic watering and
               fertilizing system, and transplanting stock. 
               Worked with public and handled money in small
               retail plant business.  Spring (part-time) and
               Summer 2001.

               Landscape Laborer, Roughhewn Yardscapers, Inc.,
               Barre, Vermont.  Transplanted trees and shrubs,
               read blueprint site plans, operated light
               machinery, performed plant and machinery
               maintenance.  April  -  August 2000.

ACTIVITIES:    President, Plant and Soil Science Club, University
               of Vermont.  Provided leadership to club in
               exploring common interests of members and
               improving faculty-student communication.  Presided
               over meetings, coordinated activities, offered
               direction to club officers.  Fall 2002 - Spring

               Captain, Womens Field Hockey Varsity Team. 
               Bellows Falls Union High School.  Bellows Falls,
               Vermont.  2001 - 2002.

REFERENCES:    Donna G. Donaldson, Owner: Afterglow Florists,
               Burlington, Vermont.  (802) 658-1234

               James H. Heriot, Group Leader: Outward Bound. 
               Hurricane Island, Maine.  (207) 123-4567

               Christine L. Parker, Manager: Evergreen
               Greenhouses, Orange, Vermont. (802) 948-3213
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