AGRI 85/196 Web Page Assignment--Week TWO

For the second week you are to copy your Home page to create a new home page (save the original as a different name) and create a resume page. As a minimum you must create a link to your resume from your new home page, add at least three additional links to other resources, add at least four pictures, and add a link to your e-mail. Your resume page should have a link back to your home page. Anything additional you want to add or link to would be great, be creative!

Hand in: 1. Printout of your new modified Home Page (including the URL), and 2. The html source code of your new modified Home Page.

That's it.

It should look something like this ------>


Susie Q. Smith

"Making mountains out of mole hills"


223 Simpson Hall
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT 05405
Send me e-mail (


To work for an organization that promotes global access to environmentally preferable products, services, technology or information.
See the Eco Expo site


Bachelors Degree in Plant and Soil Science with an emphasis on sustainable practices. University of Vermont: Expected date of graduation: May 2002

High School Diploma, Darien High School, Darien, CT, June 1999

See my Resume

(For a challenge, try to get your resume to looks something like Jonathan Leonard's CV )


favorite foods

pizza spaghetti lasagna calzones

hiking. Visit the AMC


technical rock climbing with the AMC. Check out White Mt. Climbs

marathon and triathalon competition. Go to Running Fit Online.


figure skating


Created and copyright by Susie Q. Smith. Last updated: 8 Oct 2003

That's it, Have Fun!