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Junior/Senior Course Re-Design

Curriculum Redesign – Junior/Senior Course:  Management Information Systems

                To fully leverage the tablet functionality afforded us by having a majority of students with Tablet PC’s, Dr. David Novak and Dr. James Kraushaar re-designed their course delivery of the required Junior/Senior core Management Information Systems course to leverage Tablet Functionality for all diagrammatic concepts taught in the class.  This included concepts like Entity Relationship Diagrams (data-modeling), Data Flow Diagrams (process modeling), Systems Development Life Cycles, etc.   Assignments related to these units were required to have been done in MS Journal and submitted electronically to further motivate student use of the pen functionality to learn the course concepts.  Simultaneously, lecture delivery was re-vamped to leverage the Tablet PC pen functionality.

                In addition to these Tablet PC oriented alterations, Drs. Kraushaar and Novak implemented a PC Skills Assessment at the beginning and end of the course to have a data point of digital literacy and technology comfort levels in analyzing student performance with and without the Tablet PCs used in the class.  In addition to this assessment test, activity monitoring software was installed (with explicit permission) on student machines to track the actual student usage of the PC in class.  Lastly, an expanded Mobile Computing Usage survey was conducted to get self-reported information from students about how they use their machines (both tablets and non-tablets) in an educational environment.

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