Produce Safety & GAPs Resources

The Center's Produce Safety team has compiled the following list of documents, links, videos and fact sheets to help produce farmers as they develop, implement, and ujpdate their produce safety plans, and as they approach GAPs certification or learn about how FSMA may apply to their farms.

Please don't hesitate to contact Ginger at or 802-505-8189 (cell) or the Center's main number at 802-656-5459 with any questions or if there is specific information you need.

Available Resources

Because we have a lot of information available here, we also have the below search field to help you find what would be most helpful for you.

Important GAPs Updates

Getting Started on GAPs

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Documents Needed for GAPs Plans

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Using Sanitizers in Wash Water

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Information on Traceability, Recalls, Liability & Crisis Communication




Crisis Planning and Communicating with the Media

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More Produce Safety Web Resources for Farmers

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Costs and Equipment Associated with GAPs and Produce Safety

Produce Safety Videos

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Resources on Wash Station and Pack Shed Layout and Design

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Produce Safety Research and Data

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Food and Produce Safety Blogs and Listservs

Policy Updates on Food Safety Legislation and Regulations

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