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Land Access

We are here to help new and existing farmers find the land they need to sustainably grow crops and raise livestock while building financial viability. Staff provide the following services:

Help for both farmers and land owners:

We work one on one with farmers looking to acquire or lease land, and land owners interested in making their land available for farmers. For farmers we assist with exploring farm access and financing possibilities, and navigating through various options and considerations for farm acquisition. For landowners we provide information on ways to partner with farmers, lease land, or transition ownership of farmland and/or farm businesses.

Early help with developing agreements:

We facilitate early-stage negotiations for all types of farm tenure agreements, ranging from short term leases to longer term ownership transition scenarios. We serve as an objective, non-biased, third party, providing relevant information on options and considerations for all parties to the agreement.

Farm transition and business planning:

We work with retiring farmers to develop plans for transitioning management and ownership of farm assets to the junior generation. We provide business planning assistance when the business plan is connected with maintaining enterprise viability during farm transfer from senior to junior generations, or establishing success on a new farm or new potential location.

Site assessment services:

We share resources and tools farmers and landowners can use to assess agricultural potential of land parcels, assist with site assessment in the context of agricultural viability and environmental stewardship, and in special cases visit parcels to examine soils and determine site suitability for particular agricultural uses.

Workshops and presentations:

We provide education through publications and workshops on topics including farm prospecting, farmland purchase and leasing, land stewardship, farm financing, business planning, and land use regulations.

For More Information

Contact Ben Waterman via email or call (802) 656-9142 for land use, access or tenure-related questions, or to schedule a consultation.

Please also visit the extensive Vermont New Farmer Project website for tools to help new, aspiring, and expanding farmers assess their needs and access resources.