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  • Fiscal Year 2016 Report
    Considers the impact of research questions and outreach projects, including how to impact water quality at the landscape scale by addressing needs on individual farms, helping farmers monitor their own soils, assuring equal access to critical knowledge for New American Farmers, and understanding cross-cultural attitudes to food access.
  • Fiscal Year 2015 Report
    Includes profiles on farmers protecting soil and water resources with well-managed pasture, the impact of the Farming & Climate Change program for Vermont farmers, work with New American farmers, the significance of produce safety trainings on Vermont's food gleaning efforts, and learning new ways to measure food security among resettled refugees.
  • Fiscal Year 2014 Report
    Focuses on activities with New American Farmers in and around Burlington's Intervale, including farming and climate change, produce safety, pasture management, and technical assistance to build sustainability and resilience.
  • Fiscal Year 2013 Report
    Quantifying the impact of well-managed pasture on greenhouse gas emissions, new farm businesses started by youth in the Youth Ag. IDA program, availability of fresh produce in "food deserts," and produce safety programs for Vermont farms.
  • Fiscal Year 2012 Report
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  • Fresh from the Field Newsletter (formerly "Cultivating Connections")

  • July 2016 Newsletter
    Features subtle images of sustainable agriculture research in Vermont: grazing cows, installation of a lysimeter, farmers learning about drip irrigation at a workshop, as well as an Across the Fence segment on food access, and look ahead to an August 2016 workshop on growing elderberries.
  • May 2016 Newsletter
    Focuses on strategies for produce growers to take to keep their food safe for their customers, while preparing for and weighing in on pending FSMA legislation and Good Agricultural Practices certification, with a look ahead to the UVM Food Systems Summit, and the packshed videos produced by Across the Fence.
  • April 2016 Newsletter
    A look ahead to water, water systems, and uncertain weather for the 2016 growing season, including information on irrigation and our resources for Vermont growers, as well as a link to spring workshop registration, and an Across the Fence profile of Joshua's research into how nutrients infiltrate different types of soils on Vermont farms.
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