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Burlington Area Chefs & Buyers Wanted for Input

Center for Sustainable Ag. is Helping New American Farmers Establish Market Presence

The UVM Extension Center for Sustainable Agriculture is excited to be involved with a special project through its New American Farmer program, in collaboration with  the Association of Africans Living in Vermont’s New Farms for New Americans work.

Together, we have launched a one year project to see if we can help Vermont farmers and buyers to come together.  We’ll provide facilitation, interpreters, and training for farmers to overcome challenges with production and marketing, in addition to helping buyers navigate questions on how to  get what they need and work  best with new American growers.

We are seeking Burlington-area chefs and buyers who are interested in:

* New and familiar ingredients that have great flavor and are high quality
* The chance to provide their customers with food that has a special cultural story and legacy
* Supporting these experienced,  knowledgeable farmers as they learn the local Vermont market's  needs and opportunities

If this describes you, we need your input!  Can you answer a very short (6 question!) survey to share your experience and interest?

The survey is located here, and there's more information about the project here.  The project is funded un part by the Working Lands Enterprise Initiative.

Contact Ben Waterman, New American Farmer program coordinator, at (802) 656-9142 or for more information or to take a 5-minute survey.