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Spiritual and Religious Council


Spiritual & Religious Life Council

What is the Council?

The Spiritual & Religious Life Council represents religious advisors (ministers, priests, rabbis, etc.), who are affiliated with various spiritual and religious organizations serving the UVM community and are tasked with encouraging spiritual awareness on our campus. The Council is an independent entity which functions under the auspices of Student Life at the University of Vermont. These organizations provide their own funding and staff and are recognized through the Spiritual & Religious Life Council.

Below is a list of all members of the Spiritual & Religious Life Council with contact information for each group/organization.  We encourage you to take some time to learn about what each organization has to offer by clicking on the links below.

How Can I Get Involved?

Please consider filling out this survey to be connected to a group represented by the Spiritual & Religious Life Council.

Would you like to learn more about the Spiritual & Religious Life Council? Is there a group not listed, that should be part of the council? We would like your feedback.  Please contact the Liason for Spritual & Religious Life Council.

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