Social Development Laboratory

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Graduate Students

The SDL is not planning to accept a student for doctoral study for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Students with interests in the areas of peer relationships, gender, social cognition, and aggression are especially well-suited to work in the SDL. Graduate students are trained for careers in teaching and research and conduct independent research projects under the supervision of Dr. Murray-Close. If you are interested in applying to the lab for graduate school, contact Dr. Murray-Close. It is also possible to complete a concentration in developmental psychopathology.

Additional information about the developmental Ph.D. program, clinical psychology Ph.D. program, and new unique dual clinical/developmental training Program and details regarding how to apply are available through the psychology department website.


Undergraduate Students

The SDL is often looking for motivated undergraduate students to assist with the mission and research of the lab. Undergraduate Research Assistants (UGRAs) are involved in all aspects of research in the lab, including participant recruitment, data collection, data entry, and data analysis.  UGRAs often focus on one project in the lab based on their individual interests (e.g., working with children or adults). In some cases, UGRAs are also involved in study design and data presentation through conferences or papers.   Research experience in the SDL provides undergraduates with hands-on training and mentorship regarding research in psychology and is valuable experience for students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in psychology or related fields.  Students with interests in developmental psychology, peer relationships, gender, aggression, and psychophysiology are especially well-suited for work as an UGRA in the SDL.

UGRAs eligible for Work Study may receive compensation for their work. Alternatively, UGRAs may earn course credit for their research activities by completing an independent study. Honors students may also complete an Honor’s Project in the SDL.

There is an application for working in the SDL. These positions are competitive.  Successful students in the SDL are reliable, hard-working, and interested in psychological research.  Most students in the SDL work for at least two semesters in the lab.  Many students continue for more than 2 semesters, and the opportunities available to these students tend to be more varied than those available to new UGRAs.  Decisions regarding UGRAs are often made a semester in advance (e.g., decisions regarding UGRAs for spring are made near the end of the fall semester); as a result, please submit the application as soon as possible.  You can download an application here, or contact us by email to learn more about UGRA positions in the SDL. Students interested in joining the SDL must complete the UGRA SDL Application.