UVM Livable Wage Campaign in the Media


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05/12/07 - Let's hear it for the UVM 12, Op-Ed in The Burlington Free Press
04/24/07 - UVM students stage hunger strike, in The Burlington Free Press
04/23/07 - Students hunger strike, WCAX News TV3
04/17/07 - SGA shows support for tent city with resolution, The Vermont Cynic
04/14/07 - Tent city up again at UVM, in the Burlington Free Press
04/10/07 - Tent city returns, in The Water Tower



12/05/06 - Livable wage: Fogel responds to task force, in The Vermont Cynic
12/05/06 - A mile in worn down shoes, in The Vermont Cynic -Recommended!
09/29/06 - Report: Not all UVM employees earn livable wages, in Channel 3 News
04/11/06 - UVM students protest for livable wage, in Channel 3 News
04/05/06 - Reflecting a national trend, local student labor movement finds its voice, in Seven Days
04/04/06 - Protest for wages, in The Vermont Cynic
03/31/06 - UVM rallies for better pay, in the Burlington Free Press
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