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September 29, 2006

Report: Not All UVM Employees Earn Livable Wages

By Channel 3 News

BURLINGTON, VT -- University of Vermont students and staff are celebrating the findings of a group looking at whether all employees of UVM earn a livable wage.

The task force was created by the school last year. One of the main findings, there are about 250 UVM employees who earn less than a livable wage, or about 12 dollars an hour.

"Today marks the completion of the basic needs and equitable compensation task force which was created by president Fogel last year to address the issue of livable wages. So, the ball is in their court and we're asking them to for a speedy and transparent implementation," said Sam Maron of the Student Labor Action Project.

The group will make recommendations to the UVM administration on how the University should proceed in making sure all employees get paid a fair wage.

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