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Tent City 2008

Just updated the endorsements page to reflect our most recent endorsements: the UVM College Democrats and Students for a Free Tibet! Also updated the SGA resolution page with resolutions passed last week and last year.

March 31, 2008

Tent City for Livable Wages starts today and continues through this week. Due to the new and unjust policy governing overnight camping on the UVM campus, sleeping is limited to three nights. This is because of unspecified concerns of "safety." Despite the fact that we have done two tent cities with no major safety threats. Anyway, the policies in question are the Facilities Use Policy and Temporary Structures Guidelines (both are pdf format).

Camping will begin on Wednesday April 2nd, and will continue through Friday night! Come camp, have fun, and fight for livable wages! Watch out for lots of big fun on thursday and friday nights. Tentfest, potluck and protest!

A little update on the campaign

On February 23, 2008 five members of SLAP presented to the Board of Trustees during the public comment period. At this point we issued an ultimatum letter to President Fogel along with a copy of a student petition with 1000 signatures. The ultimatum stated that UVM should adopt a livable wage policy by April 2, 2008. April 2 is this wednesday.

On March 19, President fogel sent a letter addressed to "livable Wage advocates." The letter was the same empty rhetoric that the administration has been spouting for a long time. The same empty words about how UVM wages are already "competitive" and workers don't need a livable wage. Workers can't eat prestige! SLAP is taking this letter as a "no" response, and while the SLAP collective is not officially responding to the letter, I do offer this clarification:

In the letter P. Fogel asserts that renegotiating the UE contract is not possible. First of all, hundreds of low wage workers at UVM are not covered by the UE contrac. Second, UE President Carmyn Stanko has repeatedly stated that she would absolutely hold a wage-reopener to their contract if UVM came to the table to discuss livable wages.

See the SLAP ad running in the VT Cynic during the week of April 2nd.


This site has not been updated in a while, but I assure you that SLAP is alive, well, and kicking hard! We were run over by the administration last spring, which cheated and lied its way into a pseudo-compromise with the hunger strikers in order that we might stop striking and quit embarrassing the school. Well here we are, almost a year later, and surprise, president fogel has failed to take any real action and workers still struggle to make ends meet!

Join the movement! Together we can tell UVM that social justice and "being green" means a lot more than just words. Live up to it!

Join SLAP! We meet on tuesday nights at 6:30pm in Lafayette 210. All are welcome!

February 12, 2008

The Hunger Strike is Over!

So you've probably heard it elsewhere first, but the hunger strike for livable wages is over! Though we did not win a real livable wage policy as we were demanding, we did start movement again on an issue that had been ignored. We also got some real commitments from President Fogel to take action ensuring that all UVM workers can meet their basic needs.

Thats all for now, more in depth information will be added to this website shortly. In the mean time, check out this wonderful op-ed just printed in the Burlington Free Press.

May 12, 2007

SLAP Response to Fogel's Email

Click here for our response (link).

April 26, 2007

Support the livable wage hunger strike!

Wondering what you can do to help?


Wednesday: Call-in day, everyone call or email President Fogel and tell him to pay livable wages now!, (802) 656-7878

Thursday: Acoustic music from 11am to 1pm at Waterman!

Friday: Large rally on the steps of Waterman at noon! Solidarity fast! Commit to fasting for the day to show solidarity with the strikers.

How to help:

Email President Fogel

Or call, 802 656-7878

Write a letter to the editor of the Cynic:

Write a letter to the editor of the Free Press:

Ask your professors to endorse the campaign and add their names to the endorsements list.

In a club? Ask the club to endorse the campaign!

Just stop by! Come hang out by the steps of Waterman and show your solidarity.


SLAP Hunger Strike for Livable Wages

April 20, 2007

Today representatives of SLAP, numbering 17, met with President Fogel and Vice President for Campus & Student Life Thomas Gustafson. SLAP presented the same demands that we have had throughout our campaign, and President Fogel responded with excuses and unjustifiable statements of purported commitment. Claims were made about labor law and the "respect the process" attitude towards collective bargaining by Fogel. He seems to miss the point. This is our school and we will NOT wait three years for the next contract negotiation. And more importantly the workers will not wait three more years. Poverty has a face and it is rearing its ugly head at the University of Vermont. That this injustice is allowed to continue is deplorable.

Today's meeting ended with a heartfelt statement by Kat, who made it clear that we are not giving up. We handed over our press release, held hands, and sat in silence. President Fogel looked shocked, then left the room.

Beginning monday members of SLAP are going on hunger strike until UVM implements a REAL livable wage policy. The entire community is united. No more excuses, no more delays, no more pretty words. No compromise in the defense of workers rights.

We will not be silent,

The Student Labor Action Project

Statement on WHY WE STRIKE

Tent-City is back, one year later...

Look for it coming up on the Main Green of UVM. April 9th to the 13th.

Fun, music, food, and protest... more details to come.


SLAP Weekly Meetings

Come on out to SLAP's weekly meetings, Tuesdays at 8:00pm in Lafayette 202. All are welcome, see you there!

New 2007 Joint Fiscal Office Report

The new report has been released for 2007. It lists a livable wage for a single person living on their own as $13.62 an hour. This is a significant difference from the old $12.37 number. View the report here (pdf). It is also on the Documents page. They can also be viewed on the JFO's website here.

SLAP Blog!

Check out the new SLAP blog at! This will be the place to find up to date information about SLAP and what we are doing.

Welcome to the new SLAP website!

UVM SLAP is a campaign of Students for Peace & Global Justice. We are a collective of students that have been working since 2005 on livable wages and workers rights issues at the University of Vermont. See the about us page for more info!

Get involved!

SLAP meets every Monday night at 7:00 in Lafayette. All are welcome! No experience with activism necessary, just a passion for justice!

Contact us!

If you have any questions or comments for SLAP, or are a member of the media, please email

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