ITEC Proposals


Virtual Reality for the ARF

The proposal outlines upgrades to the Waterman Academic Resource Facility (ARF) that would enable the production of QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) materials.

Networked Based Computer Software Lending Library

This project would establish a computer software lending library residing on the campus network; materials in the library would be cataloged in LUIS and be managed by Sassafras KeyServer License Management Software.

Faculty Course Development Computer Lending Library

A half dozen well equiped notebook computers would be purchased to be lent to faculty and graduate students participating in specific curriculum development projects.

High Intensity Projection Systems

A pair of high light intensity, but still portable, computer projection systems would be purchased and made available to the campus community. Ready to use notebook computers would be included with each projection system.

Information Technology Studies

A student assistant would be hired to develop a program supporting students pursuing independent projects or studies involving the use of information technology in their particular field.

New Media Center

A student would be hired as a project assistant to help establish a new media (virtual) center at the Unversity of Vermont which would be affiliated with the national New Media Centers Consortium.

HotWired Classrooms

Twenty-four UVM classrooms, ranging in size from small confernce rooms to medium sized lecure halls, would be equipped for access to the data, video, and telephone networks.

Compete Package

These proposals are also available in an all-in-one form suitable for printing.

1995.10.30, Steve.Cavrak@Uvm.Edu