Sarah E Howerter

student, scientist, engineer, artist


Coming from a background in fine art where she created objects often in exploration or adoration of math and science, Sarah has transitioned to working directly in science and engineering, researching and modeling transportation and other complex systems while working towards a master's degree in civil engineering. She greatly enjoys the process of coding and problem solving and loves applying her aesthetic sensibilities to the visualization and communication of data. Come summer of 2019 she'll be finishing up her thesis on electric vehicle demand modeling and looking for a transportation engineering, modeling, or analyst job in the greater Burlington, VT area.

Sarah is also an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, and bicycle commuter and generally loves being outside in the Green Mountains, no matter the time of year. She has recently gotten back into film photography to document all of these adventures.

Current Affiliations:

Vermont Complex Systems Center
UVM Transportation Research Center