Earn Physical Education Credit

Earn PE credit

Active members qualify for club sports PE credit. To be eligible, you are required to have thirty hours of documented personal runs and club participation. This entails attending a reasonable number of club events and maintain a training log over the course of the semester. It's designed to be fun and practical. We recognize that running is an individual sport and that not everybody can accommodate another three-hour class or spend the weekends traveling which is why we allow you to custom tailor a plan for yourself. Register on The Lynx before February 9th!


Attend 10 club events

All of the following are considered club events. You can use any combination of events to fulfill the requirement.

Keep a Training Log

To satisfy the hourly requirement, you should be running at least two hours per week. At minimum, your training log should include the distance and duration of your runs, and your route. The more information your log includes, the more useful it is. Feel free to include additional information (e.g. who you ran with, how you felt, etc.)

We recommend using RunningLog.com as an online journal. It tracks cumulative hours/mileage, stores a list of routes, and leaves room for notes. GMap Pedometer can be used to map your routes and calculate distance.