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All About Shoes

Having the right shoes is important and considerably reduces your risk of injury. The Goal of a Running Shoe by Emily Steers outlines the purpose of a shoe and explains the different types of running shoes. Emily is the manager of the Run Center at Skirack.

UVM Running Club members receive 15% off running shoes and apparel at Skirack. Stop down to get a professional fit and pick up winter running gear! We recommend that you replace your shoes every 400-500 miles.

The Run Center at SKIRACK

Gmap Pedometer

Gmap Pedometer was developed to help runners and cyclists calculate route distance. In default mode, you can plot a route anywhere on the map (e.g. for trail running) but if you want your route to automatically snap to the road, select Cycling Mode.

GMap Pedometer

Register on The Lynx

In the fall of 2008, UVM launched The Lynx, a new website for club sports. Log-in with your netID and search for us under organizations. Once you join, please complete the medical insurance information form.

Use the Runboard

The Runboard is an online bulletin board for organizing group runs. Post your runs and meet some new running partners!


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