The Contractor is responsible for providing to its employees all OSHA and statutorily-required training, for furnishing any appropriate personal protective equipment and for ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations. The Contractor and Contractor’s employees must comply with all UVM work and safety rules, as outlined in this handbook.

UVM is not responsible for directing or supervising the work of the Contractor. University representatives reserve the right of inspecting the Contractor’s work to ensure contract terms are met.

General Provisions

The Contractor will provide portable toilets as required by law. Location to be approved by UVM.

The Contractor may use existing water, electric, lighting, and heat in the building or adjacent buildings. The Contractor is responsible for costs associated with extending, removing and re-establishing previous connection if used in the construction area. UVM Contact will coordinate payment for all metered usage charged by the respective utility company.

If required, the Contractor will provide a field office on-site at their expense. The Contractor will extend utilities to the field office at their expense. The Contractor will provide a cellular phone to the superintendent and assistants so they may be contacted. At a minimum potable water, first aid supplies, all required employment postings and required Material Safety Data Sheets will be provided in the field office at the Contractor’s expense.

Contractors that are working within UVM buildings will not use any of the existing facilities without expressed approval from the UVM Contact. Staging areas may also be provided if available. Contractor will not make any assumption regarding usage of space, but will coordinate all space usage with the UVM Contact.

Contractors will not remove or alter any landscaping material, such as trees, shrubs, or grass areas without prior approval from the UVM Contact and the Grounds Department at Physical Plant. A meeting shall be held with the Grounds Manager prior to the start of any project if there will be impact on the campus landscaping. The Contractor is responsible for removal of any landscaping debris from the campus.

The Contractor is responsible for removal of general construction debris from the campus.

Shipping Instructions Materials will be made deliverable directly to the Contractor who is responsible for receiving, unloading, handling, storing and managing materials in an approved manner and place until such time that they are used for the project. This will happen without disruption to the normal course of business at UVM. If the Contractor has not made prior arrangements and materials are delivered to the site without anyone assigned to the above responsibilities, the materials will be returned to the supplier at the Contractor’s expense to avoid misplacement or loss of materials and unnecessary disruption.


The Contractor and Subcontractors will coordinate all their work with the work of other trades and cooperate with all trades so as to facilitate the general progress of safe work.

UVM reserves the right to hire other contracts for any additional work not covered in the specifications and drawings. The Contractor will cooperate with any such other contractors in a reasonable manner.

The Contractor will be responsible for the coordination of all agreed work and for compliance with all codes, laws and local ordinances including noise ordinances. They will also be responsible for seeing that all Subcontractors’ work conforms to job conditions.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms The University of Vermont intends to provide a drug and alcohol free work environment. All employees, including those of Contractors, are expected to be in a suitable mental and physical condition while at work. The use or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs, legal medication not prescribed to the user or prescription medication that cautions against operating equipment, dangerous machinery or driving motor vehicles is strictly prohibited on UVM property.

In cases of reasonable suspicion of drug and/or alcohol use, Contractor Employees will be removed from UVM property by the Contractor Site Manager and/or a representative of the Contractor that has equal authority to the Site Manager. UVM reserves the right to raise these issues of concern and the Contractor is required to offer a plan of identifying and addressing the issue to the UVM Contact prior to the employee returning to the site.

Dangerous weapons, including firearms, bows and arrows, and knives with a blade length greater than 3" are prohibited on UVM property.