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Reporting a Hazard

Reporting a Hazard

If a hazard exists…

If an employee believes a hazard exists, that employee should report the hazard to their direct supervisor. If the supervisor takes no action to correct the situation, the employee should notify Risk Management directly.

Legally, an employee may request a VOSHA inspection. However, before requesting a VOSHA inspection, an employee should make a ‘good-faith effort’ to have the hazards corrected by a supervisor, first by bringing it to the supervisor’s attention. Risk Management personnel are available to help resolve any safety problems and to interpret VOSHA regulations for all departments.

In case of an impending VOSHA inspection, an employee may accompany the VOSHA compliance officer during the inspection. Risk Management personnel should also accompany the inspector.

An employee may also file a complaint with VOSHA if s/he believes s/he has been discriminated against because of exercising any of these rights.

These and other stipulations are contained in the VOSHA regulations, copies of which can be obtained through the Department of Risk Management or at OSHA's website:

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