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Contractors working on UVM premises are responsible for having a written site-specific emergency contingency plan that encompasses all aspects of effectively managing an emergent situation be it fire, explosion, environmental, chemical or medical emergency. These plans must be integrated with existing UVM emergency plans that pertain to the affected area; information about these plans is available from the Department of Risk Management through the UVM Contact.

Contractors working within UVM facilities that are fully operational are required to have a plan that calls for responding to on-site emergency evacuation alarms. Contractors that evacuate a UVM facility during an emergency are responsible for accounting for all of their own personnel and reporting immediately to their project coordinator and the emergency coordinator on-site.

Written site-specific emergency contingency plan must be reviewed when and if the effectiveness of the plan is jeopardized by the progression of the work in the scope of the project. Written plans will be altered as necessary to maintain effectiveness. Updated plans and training will be provided to all concerned parties.

Alarms and Evacuations

Contractors are responsible for providing and identifying an adequate number of alarming mechanisms and evacuation routes such that all personnel can be alerted, evacuated and accounted for in a timely manner during an emergency. Such plans are to be outlined and provided in writing to the UVM Contact and shared by the Contractor with all personnel on-site. The plan will be updated by the Contractor as the project progresses if the evacuation routes change significantly.

First Aid, Emergency Medical Response & Blood Borne Pathogens

Contractors will provide their own first aid supplies, care and medical emergency response at their own expense. UVM Contact will ensure that emergency vehicle access to the site is adequately maintained for existing buildings. The Contractor will ensure access for emergency vehicles for new construction projects until the building is commissioned to UVM.

All Contractor employees will be trained in the practice of Universal Precautions to protect them from possible exposure to potentially contaminated materials. The Contractor is responsible for the appropriate disposal of bio-contaminated waste to prevent the mishandling of potentially infected materials and the spread of blood borne pathogens. Environmental Gas leaks and hazardous air contaminants must be reported by the Contractor directly and immediately to Police Services (911 for on-campus phone, 656-3473 for off-campus phones).

Chemical Spill Clean-Up is the responsibility of the Contractor. If a flammable, reactive or highly toxic chemical spills in a quantity of two liters or more: 1) shut-off ignition sources; 2) evacuate the area; 3) alarm the building; 4) call 656-3473 to report the spill and activate the emergency response system. For spills of lesser quantities, contain the spill, consult MSDS for required clean-up guidelines and report the spill to the UVM Contact.

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