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What Training Do I Need?

What Training Do I Need?

This list includes the most common regulatory-required training subjects at UVM. It is possible that agencies, including OSHA and EPA, have requirements for employees other kinds of work than those listed here. If you need help determining whether such requirements apply to your employees, contact Environmental Safety at

Lab Safety Scenario Based Training Sessions

All laboratory employees who expect to work on campus for three months or more should taake this classroom training. You can sign up at All lab employees should take the on-line courses available at before beginning work.

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety

Training is required for people who are at risk for occupational exposure to human blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious materials of human origin. The supervisor makes the determination of whether an employee is at risk for this exposure based on the criteria in the UVM Exposure Control Plan. The supervisor or the department can provide and document all bloodborne pathogen safety training (which must fulfill all applicable OSHA requirements) or you may take advantage of training conducted by the Risk Management Department's Environmental Safety Facility (ESF) staff (656-5400) in addition to the specifics provided by your supervisor. Annual refresher training is also required.

Employees designated "at risk" must be offered a Hepatitis B vaccination and titer, paid for by UVM. This process is initiated with a Risk Designation Form, completed by the supervisor and Hepatitis B Consent/Dissent form, completed by the employee. According to OSHA, the vaccination series, which takes 6 months to complete, must begin within 10 days of the risk of exposure.

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Awareness

Some employees not designated as "at risk" may still require an awareness level of training to assure that they avoid exposure to the materials. See your supervisor to determine the need and arrange this awareness training specific to the needs of your workplace.

Non-laboratory workers who handle hazardous chemicals (for example, cleaning solutions, paints, thinners, solvents) require chemical safety training about the chemicals they use. This requirement is based on the OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200). This is to be provided and documented by the supervisor and can be supplemented with background training by ESF staff (656-5400).

Driver Safety

Employees or students who drive University owned or leased vehicles are required to complete two driver safety trainings to become a UVM Certified Driver BEFORE being authorized to drive UVM vehicles and being covered by the University's automobile insurance. Apply for Driver Safety Training and Certification here:

Commercial Drivers License

Employees who are required to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) must receive information about UVM's Guidelines for Commercial Drivers Concerning Alcohol and Substance Abuse. This information is available at the UVM policies page

Confined Space Entry

Physical Plant, Telecommunications and other UVM employees who enter confined spaces (with limited means of entry or exit) require training in proper Confined Space Entry Procedures. The OSHA definitions and requirements for confined space entry can be found here. See your supervisor to arrange this training specific to the needs of your workplace.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures

Employees who operate equipment, machinery or systems that can be affected by shutdown for maintenance may require training in Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures. See your supervisor to arrange this training specific to the needs of your workplace.

Asbestos and Lead Paint

Employees who work in projects involving lead paint and asbestos materials must be provided training in the appropriate procedures for this work. Contact Physical Plant's Training and Compliance Office for detailed procedures (764-6613).

Respirator Use

Employees who wear respirators in the workplace must be tested for physical fitness for respirator use and receive training in the proper use of this equipment. Contact Physical Plant's Training and Compliance Office for detailed procedures (764-6613).

Laser Safety

Employees who work with lasers require laser safety training. OSHA's has a regulation and helpful information in this regard. See your supervisor to arrange this training specific to the needs of your workplace.

Radiation Safety

Laboratory workers who use radioactive materials in their lab are required to have training by the Radiation Safety Office. Call 656-2570 to schedule this training.

Ergonomic Training

Ergonomic information and worksite evaluations can be obtained by calling the Risk Management office at 656-8249.


1) Training conducted by a previous employer or third party does not satisfy the UVM requirement unless it covers UVM specific procedures.

2) UVM departments have been found in violation of OSHA regulations even though the majority of their employees have adequate training documentation.

3) Contact the Risk Management Department (656-3242) if you have questions about other situations you encounter in your UVM work that may require additional training.

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