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New Employee Checklist

New Employee Safety Training Checklist

Employee Name ____________________________________

Job Title ___________________________________________

Department ________________________________________

Campus Address ____________________________________

Date of Hire ________________________________________

Name of Supervisor _________________________________

OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) regulations require UVM to provide certain safety training to employees. To help decide which trainings are required for this employee, review the attached instructions and fill out the checklist below.

1. Please make a check mark in the applicable categories (click on this link for more information about these requirements) below if any of the following situations apply to your work for UVM. Consult the attached information for further explanation.

2. Schedule your training in these areas using the contact information listed. Note: The training marked with a * is available at New Employee Orientation starting in 2002.

____ Bloodborne Pathogens Safety*, provided by: Supervisor & Environmental Safety Facility (656-5400)

____ Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Awareness*, provided by: Supervisor & ESF (656-5400)

____ Laboratory Chemical Safety*, provided by: Supervisor & ESF (656-5400)

____ Hazardous Chemicals Outside Laboratories*, provided by: Supervisor & ESF (656-5400)

____ Driver Safety, provided by:Risk Management Dept (656-3242)

____ Commercial Drivers License, provided by: Supervisor

____ Confined Space Entry, provided by:Physical Plant (656-8649)

____ Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures, provided by:Physical Plant (656-8649)

____ Asbestos and Lead Paint, provided by:Physical Plant (656-8649)

____ Asbestos and Lead Paint Awareness, provided by:Physical Plant (656-8649)

____ Respirator Use, provided by:Physical Plant (656-8649)

____ Laser Safety, provided by: Supervisor

____ Radiation Safety, provided by:Radiation Safety Office (656-2570)

Send copies of this completed checklist to:

Risk Management, 285 East Avenue, Burlington, VT 05405. (Or scan in to:
Human Resources, 228 Waterman,
Burlington, VT 05405
Your Supervisor
Keep a copy for your records. These will be important in case of an OSHA inspection.

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