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Travel Accident Insurance

Travel Accident Insurance

Policy Statement

Effective May 3, 1988, the University of Vermont carries an Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy on employees and trustees who travel on UVM business.   Business is defined as "while on assignment by or at the direction of UVM for furthering its business interest, but shall not include any  period of vacation or leave of absence."  Coverage may be summarized as follows:

Limit: $150,000 per accident, which results in death, and $75,000 per accident resulting in loss of hand, foot or eye.


1. Intentional, self-inflicted injuries.
2. Injuries resulting from war.
3. Injuries sustained as an occupant of any conveyance engaged in any race or speed test.
4. Accident occurring in any aircraft owned by UVM or an employee.

Coverage extends to employees while riding as a passenger in, or boarding or alighting from any land or water conveyance, or riding as a passenger in, or boarding or alighting from any civil aircraft, while on business of the University. Coverage is excluded if the employee is a crewmember of pilot of such aircraft.

The Beneficiary of this policy is predesignated so that proceeds are paid in the following order of preference:

1. The surviving spouse, otherwise,
2. The surviving child or children in equal shares, otherwise,
3. The surviving parents in equal shares, otherwise,
4. The surviving brothers and sisters in equal shares, otherwise,
5. The Executor or Administrator of insured's estate.

Any requests for a change in beneficiary differing from the order above, should be made to the UVM Department of Risk Management.

Notice of claim should also be given to the Department of Risk Management whithin 60 days of  a loss.

* This is only a summary of coverage.  For interpretation and resolution of coverage issues, actual policy should be consulted.

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