Tips and Tricks for the Purchasing Card Reallocation Program

Keyboard Commands

X (or most any other character) - chooses a card or transaction to work with.  You can only choose one card or transaction at a time.

PF3 - return to the previous screen without updating any information.

PF8 or PageDown - Scrolls lists that exceed one screen in length.

PF7 or PageUp - Return to the top of the current screen or list.

PAUSE BREAK - Quit the program immediately without any processing.

ENTER - submits information on the current screen.  If you make a mistake, you can correct it before you press ENTER by typing an underscore or a blank space over your mistake and choosing another line.

NOTE: If you are using a Windows PC and running QWS3270 as your mainframe terminal emulator, then you send a CLEAR by using your mouse to press the CLEAR button at the bottom of your screen. The special purpose keys such as PF1, PF3, PF7, PF8, ENTER and the CLEAR key may be mapped to various buttons on you keyboard depending on what software you use.

Automatic reconciliation of under-reallocated transactions

If the amount to be reallocated totals less than the original amount, the program will warn you that the balance will remain in the original default account, and you will be permitted to continue:

 Entire amt not reallocated, remainder allocated to default budget. OK? Y,N _