Reallocate the selected transaction

A typical Transaction Reallocation screen is shown below.

Basic Reallocation Screen

Near the top of the screen the card name and cardholder's name are shown.  Below that is the information about the transaction you selected on the Transaction Selection screen.  This includes the merchant name and transaction date, as described on the previous page, and the default FRS account (FRS ACCT) and object code/subcode (OBJ CODE) that the purchase has been charged against.  The AMOUNT of the purchase is shown.  If the transaction is a credit (e.g. for returned goods) then the word CREDIT will appear to the right of the amount.

Blank lines are provided for entering reallocation information.  The entire amount of the transaction can be reallocated to another account by entering a new FRS account number, object code and amount on the first blank line.  A transaction can be split and charged against several accounts by entering additional account information on additional lines starting with the first blank line. NOTE: Everything below a blank line will be ignored! If you leave empty lines above a reallocation entry, it will not be processed!

In the case shown below, the user has entered the necessary information to reallocate $50.00 of the selected transaction to the same budget and a different object code, and the balance, $21.75, into a different account.

Example Screen. Split Reallocations

When you have finished entering the reallocation(s) press ENTER to process the transaction.  The program will check your input and return error messages if it finds problems.

Complete the Reallocation Process