Getting Started with FRS

To use the PurCard Reallocation Program, you must be an authorized FRS user.  If you do not have an  FRS operator number, please contact Laurie Fields or visit the Controller's Office web site for the application form.  There is a web tutorial for FRS, providing instruction on signing on, navigating, etc.

Starting PCRP

First, logon to FRS and select Screen 201 - Purchasing Menu. You will see the screen shown here.

FRS Screen 201 - Purchasing Menu

Select Purchasing Card Reallocations program by typing PCD into the Screen field, then press ENTER.

The next screen that appears is the Card Selection Screen. This screen is used to choose which PurCard  you wish to work with.

PurCard Selection Screen

Any PurCard which is matched to your FRS Operator Number  will be displayed.   Card numbers are not displayed, for security reasons.  The default budget number and name for each card is shown, along with the name of the Cardholder.  If a card you are responsible for is not displayed, contact the PurCard Program Administration Team.

If there are more cards than can be displayed on one screen, press PF8 to page down to the next screen for additional cards.

On the top line on the right, the date and time are displayed to help with your documentation if your are keeping screen prints.  Below that is the name of your terminal.

Keyboard Commands

X (or most any other character) - chooses a card to work with, as shown above. You can only choose one card at a time.

PF3 - return to the previous screen without updating any information.

PF8 or PageDown - see more card listings (if you are authorized to reallocate for more cards than can be displayed on one screen)

PF7 or PageUp - return to the top of the current screen or list.

PAUSE BREAK - quit the program.

ENTER - submits information on the current screen.  If you make a mistake, you can correct it before you press ENTER by typing over the data that was entered.

You can now move on to the Transaction Selection Screen.