Completing the Reallocation Process

If the program does not find any errors, it displays what you have entered and asks if it is OK to reallocate the transaction:

 Command prompt: OK to reallocate? (Y,N) _

If you are certain all the information shown is correct, type Y and press ENTER.  The reallocated transaction will be processed and submitted to FRS.  The program will show you the last screen displayed, with a confirmation message at the bottom:

Reallocation successful, press ENTER to return to Trans Selection Screen

Now is the time to check off the "REALLOCATED" box on your Transaction Log envelope.  Once the transaction is submitted, you are no longer able to change anything on this screen.  Pressing the ENTER key will cause the program to return to the Transaction Selection screen.  You will notice that the transaction you just reallocated no longer appears in the list of transactions.   A transaction can only be reallocated once.  If you have made an error and need to change a transaction after it has been reallocated, you will need to submit a request for a journal entry to Accounts Payable.