4.0 Purchasing Card Security

The UVM Purchasing Card should always be treated with at least the same level of care that you treat your own personal credit cards.

4.1 Storage of Your Purchasing Card

Keep your Purchasing Card in an accessible but secure location.  Since you are the only person authorized to use the card, it needs to be accessible only to you.

4.2 Purchasing Card Number

Guard your Purchasing Card account number carefully!  Do not post it at your desk or write it in any other place that is accessible by others.

4.3 Sharing or Use by Someone Other Than the Cardholder

The only person entitled to use the UVM Purchasing Card is the person whose name appears on the face of the card.

4.4 Lost, Misplaced, or Stolen Purchasing Card

Report a stolen, lost, or misplaced Purchasing Card immediately by phone to Mellon Bank by calling 1-800-258-9275 and the Program Administration Team.  The Purchasing Card will be automatically canceled by Mellon Bank and a new Purchasing Card will then be issued to replace the stolen, lost, or misplaced card.

Immediate reporting of a lost, misplaced, or stolen Purchasing Card limits the University's liability for potential charges that may occur from unauthorized use.   Failure to promptly report a lost, misplaced, or stolen Purchasing Card may result in the University seeking reimbursement from the cardholder for unauthorized charges.

4.5 Consequences for Failure to Comply with Program Guidelines