The procedure for placing Purchasing Card orders is as follows:

7.1 General

  1. Identify the need for materials required to perform a job related task.
  2. Determine if the intended purchase will be within your Purchasing Card authorized limits.  If the purchase is greater than $4,999.99, you must submit a requisition for purchase to Procurement Services.  Instructing a vendor to split a single item costing greater than $4,999.99 into more than one charge on a Purchasing Card is a violation of the Purchasing Card program guidelines, and causes the vendor to be in violation with his contract with MasterCard.
  3. Ensure the materials to be purchased are not on the list of items that must be procured through normal Procurement Services processes.

7.2 Ordering Your Purchases

1.  Call, visit or fax the supplier that you selected to place your order.  You can place your order on-line via the world-wide-web.
2.  Pay with your UVM Purchasing Card. Your vendor will require the following information:
3.  Ask the vendor to provide a "priced packing list" with each shipment, or a copy of the Purchasing Card sales slip and original receipt for each in-person purchase.  If you  place an order over the Internet using the World Wide Web, there should be a screen showing exactly how much your card will be charged, including shipping.  Print this page from your browser.                                  

4.  At time of order placement, note any changes in chart string or account.