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Advising in Psychology

March, 2013
running time: 8:58

Information about psychology advising, including how to work with an advisor, opportunities for psychology majors, and links to resources, is available on the following video prepared by the Psychology Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

Also listen to the song What's a BA? What's a BS?, written by psychology major Bianca Rizzio, located just below this video...



What's a BA? What's a BS?
A Song about Advising in Psychology

By Bianca Rizzio
March, 2013
running time: 2:00

Bianca Rizzio

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What's a BA and what's a BS
Which will look better and cause me less stress
Go on myUVM to find your adviser
It might be wiser than advice from your mom

I think my adviser's changed like six times
And I can't remember the reason or rhyme
Of what I need to do and how I need to do it
Can someone just tell me how to run a CATS audit

You don't have time for a meeting
Trying to go to Marche
It's only 20 minutes
So you won't have to stay

And when you have a meeting
Try to shower that day
You want to look professional
Like maybe you crochet

And if you're feelin' extra pumped
About having this major
You could join psych club
And go and meet some strangers

I think my adviser's changed like six times
And I can't remember the reason or rhyme
Of what I need to do and how I need to do it
Can someone just tell me how to run a CATS audit



The Kids and Parents Project: UVM Research on Family Relationships and Children

WCAX Across the Fence
April 25, 2013
running time: 15:10

Dr. Alice Schermerhorn, faculty member in the Psychology Department and Director of the Kids & Parents Project, discusses family relationships and child temperament. The video is from the television program "Across the Fence," which is produced by University of Vermont Extension.



What Can I Do with a BA/BS in Psychology?

April 9, 2013
running time: 1:11:19

Wondering what you can do with your psychology degree after you graduate? Join us for a panel discussion with individuals who discuss what they were able to do with their psychology degrees after undergraduate graduation.

This event was sponsored by the Psychology Department and UVM Career Services.



UVM Starts Seasonal Affective Disorder Study

August 13, 2013
running time: 4:31

It may be summer weather now, but before we realize it the weather will turn darker and colder. It's a change in season that triggers a depression for some people called SAD, seasonal affective disorder. UVM researchers are launching a new study looking into SAD.

Jennifer Mahon is with UVM's psychology department. She discusses the new study.

UVM Biology of the Winter Blues Research Study --
Seeking individuals with winter depression, ages 18-65. Not currently enrolled in treatment for SAD (medications, light therapy, psychotherapy).



Graduate School Discussion Panel

University of Vermont Psycholgy Department
November 4, 2013
running time: 1:31:22

The Psychology Department hosted a panel discussion regarding applying to graduate programs in psychology. Discussion topics included the following:

  • Is Graduate School for you?
  • What type of program should you apply to?
  • How can you best prepare to be admitted?

Panelists included UVM Psychology Professors Liz Pinel and Matt Price, social psychology graduate student James Hodge, and UVM Social Work Professor Susan Comerford.



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