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Vt researchers: Kids could be hardwired to dabble in drugs

May 3, 2012
running time: 3:55

Teenagers can be impulsive, doing risky things that older folks may think twice about. Now, new research shows that impulsive kids' brains just work differently.

Hugh Garavan is one of two University of Vermont researchers working on this international study. He appeared on the Channel 3 News to discuss the research.

This was the largest imaging study of the human brain ever conducted. It involved 1,896 14-year-olds. Researchers discovered that differences in some previously unknown networks put some teens at higher risk for drug and alcohol experimentation.

The other UVM researcher working on the project is Robert Whelan.



Brain Study Shows Addiction Risk Higher For Some Teens

Vermont Edition: Vermont Public Radio
May 3, 2021
running time: 35:17

Some people are more prone to addiction - that much we know. What we don't know for sure is why. A new study has found evidence that some teenagers are at higher risk for substance abuse because their brains work differently, in ways that make them more impulsive. The same study has also found that different networks in the brain seem to be connected to symptoms of ADHD. We talk with Hugh Garavan, an associate professor of psychiatry and psychology at UVM, and senior author of the paper, and Robert Whelan, a post doctoral researcher at UVM in the department of psychiatry and psychology, and lead researcher on the study.

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Vermont Researchers Study Seasonal Affective Disorder

September 25, 2012
running time: 4:31

It's that time of year again-- the days are getting shorter and about 10 percent of Vermonters slip into a depression called seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

Jennifer Mahon is with the University of Vermont's psychology department and she is studying SAD. She appeared on The :30 to talk about her research. Watch the video for more.

For more on the UVM lab study: Biology of Winter Blues -- 802-656-9890



Graduate School Discussion Panel

University of Vermont Psycholgy Department
October 9, 2012
running time: 1:15:17

The Psychology Department hosted a panel discussion regarding applying to graduate programs in psychology. Discussion topics included the following:

  • Is Graduate School for you?
  • What type of program should you apply to?
  • How can you best prepare to be admitted?

Panelists included UVM Psychology Professors Green, Burt, and Rellini, Dr. McInnis, an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, and Social Psychology graduate student James Hodge.

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