Susan Crockenberg

Emerita Faculty

Susan Crockenberg

Susan Crockenberg
Emerita Professor

At UVM 1990-2011
  • B.S. Cornell University, 1966
  • Ph.D. Stanford University, 1970
Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-4058
Room: 362

Status: Chair, Dean of Arts & Sciences Search Committee

Official Retirement Citation (2011)

Susan, since 1990 you have been an accomplished and devoted teacher, advisor, scholar, and colleague as a Professor in the Department of Psychology. You joined our department after earning your Ph.D. at Stanford University in 1970 and serving on the faculty of Human Development at University of California, Davis. You established a national and international reputation for your scholarship on family and maternal-child interaction, temperament, and emotional regulation. You have published some of the most widely cited articles in this field. Your scholarly expertise led you to serve as Editor of leading journals in your discipline and Visiting Scholar at Harvard University Medical School and Children's Hospital and at University of Cambridge, England. UVM recognized your lifelong scholarly contributions with a University Scholars Award in 2006-2007.

You established yourself as a dedicated and innovative teacher, creating and teaching new courses concerning the family and infancy. You set very high standards and expectations for undergraduate and graduate students alike, supporting a number of your students to excel in scholarly careers of their own.

You are widely appreciated as a committed contributor to your professional communities: holding leadership roles in your academic department, the University, and professional organizations such as the Society for Research in Child Development, the International Society for Infant Studies, and the National Institute of Mental Health. Most recently your willingness to serve as Vice President of UVM's Faculty Senate during your final year at UVM illustrates your commitment to improve the contexts in which we grow, learn, and work. This dedication extends well beyond your professional life to your community work in creating a more environmentally sustainable world.

Susan, we are extremely grateful to you for your years of service to UVM, your profession, and the community, and for the example you have set for the rest of us.

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