Sara Burchard

Emerita Faculty

Sara Burchard

Sara Burchard
Emerita Professor

At UVM 1977-2007
  • B.S. Denison University, 1958
  • Ph.D. University of Vermont, 1977
Contact Information

Official Retirement Citation (2007)

Sara, for the past 30 years you have been a devoted teacher, advisor, researcher and colleague in the Department of Psychology after earning your Ph.D. in the very same Department. From 1977-1985 you directed the Residential Managers Training Project and created a curriculum to educate outstanding practitioners in developmental disabilities.

Since the beginning of your career you have been committed to using psychological research to improve quality of life for persons with a wide range of developmental needs. Your work embodies the model of the applied, community based psychologist and has been honored by the American Association of Mental Retardation and the Vermont Kids on the Block Association. The State of Vermont has regularly looked to you for skills in program evaluation and your studies have helped shape state policy toward persons with disabilities.

In a thoughtful, respectful and genuine manner you have encouraged, guided, inspired, and cajoled students, colleagues, community members, and government institutions to develop and implement strategies for making our world more supportive of individuals with diverse strengths and characteristics. You have helped others to learn to work in an interdisciplinary fashion to achieve institutional and community progress through your work in ILHEP.

Your caring, unpretentious manner has buoyed students and colleagues through joys and celebrations as well as challenges. Your sense of fairness and trustworthiness leads others to turn to you when difficult decisions are to be made.

Your love of travel and adventure infused your teaching with illustrations that engaged students with new ways of thinking about development. Your enthusiasm for Vermont's natural environment inspires all to become better stewards of the land.

We are grateful to you for your years of service to UVM and for the example you have set for the rest of us.

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