What's new in PeopleSoft Human Resources (HCM)

Information will be posted as it becomes available.

New Search FeaturePeopleSoft now delivers a way to search not just for menu items, but also a way to search through data. For example, you could search for an emplid and find all transaction related to that employee. We have only turned on the Menu search at this point, but hope to explore rolling out more ways of searching in the future.Menu Search was the only available way to search.Should be no impact at first, greater ability to search as we roll out more search functionality.
Salary Distribution Change Request Form Instead of waiting to find the report in the process monitor, the Distribution Form will immediately pop up when you press the Process  or Reprint Report button. The Cost Justification form will also pop up, in a separate PDF document. MAKE SURE YOUR POP-UP BLOCKER IS OFF, or HOLD DOWN THE CNTL Button before pressing the button to ensure that your pop-up report output will not be blocked.  The original report was created with the Crystal Report tool, which is no longer supported in this version of PeopleTools.A Crystal Report was generated and retreived from the Process Monitor.Faster access tor report output, but must remember to allow pop-up.
"Fluid User Interface"Around the fall of 2016, we hope to roll out the 'Fluid User Interface" which makes PeopleSoft easier to use on mobile devices.None at first. Better user interface when Fluid is rolled out.