What's new in PeopleSoft Human Resources (HCM)

View a video presentation of the changes to HCM here.

Printing a paycheckYour paycheck will now print as a single-page .pdf document.It could be difficult to get a paycheck to print on one page and the process was dependent upon the specific printer you were using.It's easy to print a one-page paycheck.
Leave balances on paychecksLeave balances will no longer appear on the online paycheck and have not been included on the new .pdf paycheck. You will still be able to view leave balances by clicking on "Leave and Compensatory Time Balances" while in the Timesheet.The online paycheck is a snapshot in time and due to the way leave is taken, approved, and accrued, the balances on your paycheck and on the Timesheet might not agree. The Timesheet provides the most up-to-date reflection of your true leave balance status. The "Leave and Compensatory Time Balances" section used to be a link called "View Leave Balances".No more confusion as to why your leave balances on your paycheck and those on the Timesheet do not agree.
Manager Self-ServiceThe "Get Employees" button has moved to the bottom of  the search screen for the Timesheet, Payable Time, Payable Time Detail, Payable Time Summary, and Time & Labor Launch Pad functions.The button used to appear to the side.You may have to scroll down to see the button.