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Be the Perfect, Smart Party Guest

Here are a few tips for being the perfect, smart party guest.  There’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself, getting into trouble or losing a friend over a night of unsafe, irresponsible partying so here are a few guidelines for catching the eye of your crush or getting invited back:

  • Have a plan before you go out and stick to it.  Have a plan for transportation, if and how much you are going to drink, who you are going to stick with, if you are open to a sexual encounter, and how you will know it is time to go home. 
  • Attend with a friend and look out for one another.
  • Keep in mind that other people are only a wall away and try to minimize the noise.
  • You are more likely to get into a party in groups of three or four, any more and it’s harder to get invited in.
  • Stay off  roofs (a lot of alcohol related deaths are from falls)
  • If you smoke cigarettes, remember to keep your volume down when smoking outside.
  • Avoid behavior that could get your hosts in trouble; open containers outside, letting in uninvited guests, throwing bottles in the street, public urination.
  • Treat your hosts, their home, their other guests, and their neighborhood with respect - clean up messes, throw cans and solo cups in the recycling.
  • Obey requests from the hosts to quiet down, leave or stop drinking.  Especially important if there are cops outside!
  • If you choose not to drink, bring your own non-alcoholic drink
  • If you choose to drink, go one for one; one drink per hour, one non-alcoholic drink per alcoholic drink, one friend to watch out for you.
  • If you want to have a sexual encounter, be sure to ask for and receive consent!
  • If you want to have a sexual encounter use condoms, female condoms and/or dental dams.

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