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Timeline of a Smart Party

Before the party:

  • Invite a manageable number of guests and know whom you are inviting. Do not publicize the event.
  • Inform your immediate neighbors, let them know of your plans and encourage them to call if there is a problem. Be sure to leave your name and telephone number and make sure that there is a responsible person to answer the phone during the party. Let them know that, if there is trash, you will be cleaning it up the following day. Meet them before there is a problem. If you are polite, honest, and straightforward, they will probably be more tolerant of your wishes.
  • Get non-alcoholic drinks, food, and a way to mark if people are of age to drink

During the party:

  • Know your guests, feel free to turn people away whom you do not know and who are intoxicated.
  • Do not collect money.
  • Provide non-alcoholic beverages as well as plenty of food for your guests.
  • Do not serve minors alcohol. You can be held responsible for any underage drinking that goes on in your house or apartment.
  • No one should leave the house with a cup/glass/bottle, empty or full.
  • Be sure designated individuals stay sober the entire party to monitor noise or other problems.
  • Keep windows closed; periodically walk around the outside of your house/apartment to check the noise level. Be aware that Burlington has a noise ordinance and the police, as well as your neighbors will expect you to keep music and noise at a reasonable level. Fines for breaking this ordinance are hefty, so be keep noise down to a reasonable level.
  • Do not let anyone drive who appears to be intoxicated.
  • Do not have a lot of guests leave all at one time; this creates noise and draws attention to your party.
  • If the police are called and should appear at your door, remember to be polite and cooperative.

If your party gets out of control, ask people to leave and end the party if you need to.
If your guests are unwilling to cooperate, call the Burlington Police Department3: (802) 658-2704.  If you call them, you can get help with out-of-control guests and are less likely to get in trouble.

After the party

  • Contact your neighbors and see if they had any concerns about your party.
  • Clean up any trash associated with your party the next day.

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