University of Vermont

Procurement Services

Request for Proposals

Purchases or leases exceeding $50,000 in value are subject to a Request for Proposal ("RFP") process conducted by Procurement Services.

The Procurement Buyer responsible for the applicable good or service will work with the department to craft a scope of work for the RFP, establish a timeline, and identify potential bidders. Procurement Services will then incorporate this information into a formal RFP document and release the RFP. Once an RFP is released to vendors, all communication between the vendor and UVM must flow through Procurement Services, until a contract is awarded.

Members of an RFP Evaluation Committee are charged with recommending which vendor proposal is most responsive to the University needs specified in an RFP.  The Guidelines for RFP Evaluation Committee members include guidance on scoring proposals and drafting a recommendation.

Departments requesting a non-competitive purchase must submit for approval a Single/Sole Source Justification Form (PDF) to Procurement. Examples of appropriate non-competitive purchase categories include the use of contracts with the State of Vermont, the Educational and Institutional Cooperative, the Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium, and other consortia agreements. In addition, Section D.2 of the Procurement Policy (PDF) exempts certain contracts from Procurement's RFP process.

For questions regarding current or future RFPs, please contact the Procurement Buyer responsible for the applicable good or service.

Last modified August 15 2013 03:46 PM