University of Vermont

Procurement Services

Purchase Orders

For any purchase order between $25,000 and $50,000, either a Quotation Evaluation Form (PDF) or a Single/Sole Source Justification Form (PDF) must be submitted with a requisition. Purchases of over $50,000 must be the result of an RFP process or an approved Single/Sole Source Justification Form.

In addition, if the order is for a service being provided by an individual (no matter the amount), an Employee vs. Independent Contractor Status Determination Form (PDF) must be submitted.

Blanket Purchase Orders may be created when it is anticipated a vendor will be used more than 4 times during a one-year time period. Blanket Purchase Orders are encumbered for a specific dollar amount to cover the time period. For steps on how to create blanket purchase orders, see the Requisitions and Accounts Payable Mini-Manual on the HR website.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Read UVM's purchase order terms and conditions (PDF)

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