University of Vermont

Procurement Services

Doing Business with UVM

UVM Procurement Services strives to make working together with local vendors as simple as possible.

Bid List

If you are a vendor interested in bidding on a future Request for Proposals (RFP), or have another purchasing question, please contact the the Procurement Buyer responsible for the good or service you provide, or e-mail

New Vendors

Please print, fill out and return the Vendor W-9 Form (PDF)

CAT$cratch (UVM's Prepaid Debit Card)

Over 140 local, off-campus merchants accept UVM CAT$cratch. Learn about CAT$scratch. on their website

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (PDF) apply to any purchase or lease of a good or service made by UVM. If you would like to request an exemption from any of UVM's insurance requirements, please complete this Comment Form and return it to to have your request reviewed by UVM's Department of Risk Management and Safety.

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