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James Marvin Memorial Seminar Series

Seminars are held in room 110 Jeffords Hall at 4:15 pm every Thursday. Refreshments are available starting at 3:45 pm in room 107 Jeffords Hall.

The current seminar schedule is posted below. Schedules for the previous academic year can be accessed at www.uvm.edu/~plantbio/marvinarchive.php

Spring 2018 Marvin Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title
Jan 18 Dr. Eric Bishop von Wettberg, UVM Plant & Soil Science Feeding new friends: using an understanding of how domestication altered symbioses and plant architecture to create crops with increase climatic resilience
Jan 25 Dr. Jean-Michel Ané, University of Wisconsin
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Origin and evolution of symbioses between plants and microbes
Feb 8 Dr. Tommy Stoughton, Plymouth State University
Host: Dr. Michael Sundue
Next Generation Lineage Discovery: a Case Study of Tuberous Claytonia L. (Montiaceae)
Feb 15 Dr. Sabrina Greenwood, UVM Animal Science Dairy cattle nutrition and its impact on the bovine milk proteome
Feb 22 Berke Tinaz and Matt Grasso, UVM Plant Biology graduate students Evolution of the LATD/NIP gene root and nodule meristem function
Plant Reproductive Biology: an Interesting Problem
Mar 1 Dr. Meredith Niles, UVM Nutrition & Food Sciences Smallholder farmer food security in a changing climate
Mar 8 CANCELED: Dr. Luis Vidali, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
CANCELED because of weather, to be rescheduled.
Mar 15 No Marvin Seminar Spring Break
Mar 22 Dr. Andrew Groover, USDA Forest Service
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Molecular and Genomic Insights into the Evolution and Development of Wood in Forest Trees
Mar 29 Aayudh Das, UVM Plant Biology graduate student Drivers of Pooideae grass adaptation in response to drought and cold stress
Apr 5 Dr. Philip Lintilhac, UVM Plant Biology Concepts of the cell in plant development - Who's in charge here?
Apr 12 Dr. Mary Tierney, UVM Plant Biology From mutants to proteomics: genetic and genomic approaches to understanding polarized growth in plants
Apr 19 Maria Dunlavey, Field Naturalist Graduate Student Ginseng Poaching in Shenandoah National Park
Apr 26 Andy Wood and Chelsea Clarke, Field Naturalist Graduate Students Wildlife and Road Ecology in Western Massachusetts
Phenology Monitoring at Shelburne Farms
May 3 Dr. Luis Vidali, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Studying polarized cell growth in plants by quantitative live cell imaging and conditional genetics
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