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James Marvin Memorial Seminar Series

Seminars are held in room 127 Jeffords Hall at 4:15 pm every Thursday (note the change in time and room from last semester). Refreshments are available starting at 3:45 pm in room 107 Jeffords Hall.

The current seminar schedule is posted below. Schedules for the previous academic year can be accessed at www.uvm.edu/~plantbio/marvinarchive.php

Fall 2015 Marvin Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Seminar Title
Sep 3 Dr. Dana Royer, Wesleyan University
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Fossil plants as recorders of ancient climate
Sep 10 Dr. Siri Fjellheim, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Host: Dr. Jill Preston
Battle of the brooms: introduced Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) invades the genome of native Scotch broom in vulnerable heathland habitats. Can the locals strike back?
Sep 17
Livak Ballroom,
Davis Center,
Dr. David M. Richardson, UVM Marsh Professor-At-Large
Host: Dr. Jane Molofsky
Developments and Challenges in Invasion Science - Insights form South Africa (panel discussion and reception to follow)
Sep 24 Dr. Sydne Record, Bryn Mawr College
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
Moving beyond correlative species distribution models
Oct 1 Dr. Jeff Blanchard, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Host: Dr. Mary Tierney
A common gap in biofuel and climate change research: Understanding mechanisms controlling rates of plant decomposition
Oct 8 Dr. Nathalie Isabel, Laval University, Quebec
Host: Dr. Stephen Keller
What is going on 200 miles away from the University of Vermont? Forest tree Genomics!
Oct 15 Dr. Lena Struwe, Rutgers University
Host: Dr. David Barrington
The new extreme plants - urbanized biodiversity in a changing world
Oct 22 Dr. Dan Chitwood, Danfort Plant Science Center
Host: Dr. Jill Preston and Dr. Jinshun Zhong
Reconceptualizing morphology: the architecture of a giant single-celled alga and the latent shapes of grapevine leaves
Oct 29 Dr. Gloria Muday, Wake Forest
Host: Dr. Jeanne Harris
Flavonoids act as modulators of plant development and environmental response
Nov 5 Dr. Rob McClung, Dartmouth
Host: Dr. Terry Delaney
As easy as ABC: Arabidopsis and Brassica clocks
Nov 12 Suryatapa Jha, Grad Student, Tierney Lab
Matt Grasso, Grad Student, Lintilhac Lab
Characterization of an Endosomal Trafficking Pathway Required for Cell Wall Organization and Polarized Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
Microbead encapsulation of living plant protoplasts: A new method for handling single plant cells
Nov 19 Dr. Madelaine Bartlett, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Host: Dr. Jill Preston
The evolution of transcription factor protein-protein interactions: tying historical patterns to functional change in the grasses
Nov 26 Thanksgiving No Seminar
Dec 3 Karl Fetter, Grad Student, Keller Lab
Wes Testo, Grad Student, Barrington Lab
A dissertation idea: What is the fate of pathogen resistence genes when genetic incompatibilies maintain a Populus balsamifera - P. deltoides hybrid zone?
A new look at diversification in the ferns
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