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Jeffrey W. Hughes

Associate Professor of Plant Biology
Associate Professor of Natural Resources
Director of the Field Naturalist Graduate Program

Ph.D. 1987, Cornell University

Email: Jeffrey.Hughes@uvm.edu

Phone: 802-656-0708

Office: 267 Jeffords Hall

Research area: Landscape Ecology, Environmental Problem Solving

Courses Taught: Landscape Inventory & Assessment (NR 385/PBIO 395); Fundamentals of Field Science (PBIO 223); Environmental Problem Solving (PBIO 226); Forest Ecosystem Analysis (FOR 122); Becoming a Modern Day Thoreau (HCOL 186)

Summary of Research Program

In the past, most of my research centered around ecological questions having real-world implications (such as): (i) how wide riparian zones need to be to conserve plant and animal populations; (ii) ways by which riparian zones might be managed to protect streams from upslope pollutants; (iii) how roads (abandoned and active) impact the surrounding and future forest; and (iv) how sugar maples growing at the edge of their ecological range can be used to forecast how climate change will alter forest ecosystems.

Those types of questions still captivate me but my emphasis these days has shifted to writing books that pull together lessons learned from teaching, research, consulting, and advising; (earlier adventures as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Alaskan park ranger, Maine Guide, cruise ship naturalist, prep school teacher, and logger were instructive also, as was working in a milk jug factory with folks who had no other employment options). Here’s what I’ve been working on:

(Forthcoming Books)

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