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Graduate Program

Student Snapshot

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UVM Plant Biology graduate student Chang Zhang

Chang Zhang is a Ph.D. student in the Harris lab. Her research focuses on abscisic acid (ABA) and the LATD gene signaling pathway and how this pathway regulates plant growth and development. The Lateral-organ-Defective (LATD) gene was previously identified in the Harris lab, and it has been shown that the LATD gene plays an important role in regulating root meristem function and development. ABA has been shown to rescue latd mutant root defects.

Thesis-Based Plant Biology Program

The Plant Biology Department offers a research-oriented thesis-based program toward a M.S. or a Ph.D. in Plant Biology that provides training in basic scientific research in diverse aspects of plant biology. These include developmental genetics, molecular regulation of gene expression, cell biology, plant-microbe interactions, ecological genomics, systematics and biogeography, and ecology of plant population and community dynamics. Please click here for a list Plant Biology laboratory groups organized by their areas of research. Most graduate students in the Plant Biology graduate program earn a Ph.D. though exceptional candidates seeking a M.S. are also accepted.

Project-Based Field Naturalist Program

The Department is also home to the project-based Field Naturalist M.S. program. This is a unique field-based program that develops the potential of tomorrow's conservation leaders by emphasizing scientific integration, oral and written communication, and environmental problem solving.

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