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Terrence P. Delaney

Dr. Terry DelaneyAssociate Professor in Plant Biology

Ph.D. 1989, University of Washington

Email: Terrence.Delaney@uvm.edu

Phone: 802-656-0416

Office: 319 Jeffords Hall

Research Area: plant disease resistance signaling, plant-pathogen interactions, fungal biology, molecular genetics

Courses Taught: Plant Pathology (PBIO 117/PSS 117), Fungi (PBIO 195), Nature of Sensing and Response (PBIO 262/MMG 262), Biology (BCOR 12), Green World (PBIO 006)

Delaney Lab Webpage

Summary of Research Program

The goal of my research program is to elucidate the mechanisms by which plants protect themselves from disease, and recover from disease once formed. This knowledge is of fundamental importance for understanding plant disease resistance, maintenance of plant health, and plant signal transduction pathways. We employ techniques of genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry in Arabidopsis thaliana and several of its pathogens. Greater understanding of the regulation of induced resistance promises to be an important tool for producing disease resistant plants for agriculture. My research program is aligned along three principal areas:

Selected Publications


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