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Virtue Field FAQs

Q: UVM developed Phase I of Virtue Field last year with the installation of the field. This is Phase II. Will there be more phases?
A: No, this will be the completion of the Virtue Field project.

Q: What is the timing for construction?
A: UVM is in permitting for the project now and we hope to begin late summer/early fall. Fundraising efforts for this project are ongoing and may define the construction schedule.

Q: How will construction vehicles access Virtue Field during construction?
A: Construction vehicles will enter from Spear Street and exit on Main Street.

Q: Where will visitors park when they are attending games at Virtue Field?
A: Many of our game attendees are students who will walk. Cars that come to Virtue Field will park in the Gutterson Garage. Though Virtue Field will have 2,500 seats, currently soccer and lacrosse attendence is closer to 300 attendees. This need can be met in the garage. We hope to grow attendence and as attendence grows, we will consider parking overflow vehicles at the Jeffords lot and shuttling as we do for hockey and basketball games.

Q: Will I be able to hear the loudspeakers at my house?
A: The sound system is designed to project to the bleachers and the field and minimize sound projection beyond that area. Neighbors in South Burlington may be able to hear the sound, but it will be at a maximum of 43 decibels before it reaches Spear Street, which is lower than normal conversation. Neighbors in Burlington will likely not be able to hear the sound system as the decibel level towards the west will be 46 decibels before it reaches the Redstone Lofts project. There are many buildings and a large distance from the field to the Burlington neighborhoods.

Q: Will the lights shine in my windows?
A: No. We are using a state of the art lighting system that directs light onto the field with very little spillover. You may be able to see the lights from your house if you live in the South Burlington adjacent neighborhoods, but you will not have any spillover or glare towards your house.

Q: Will there be concerts at Virtue Field?
A: At this time only soccer and lacrosse are planned for Virtue Field. There is currently no intention of having any sort of concert-type events at Virtue Field.

Q: Will the walkways be permeable?
A: No. This area of campus has a large amount of ledge that makes permeable paving difficult to install. UVM is researching permeable paving projects on other parts of campus that have better soils for drainage.

Q: What do I do if I feel impacted by the activity at Virtue Field?
A: UVM has always worked with our neighbors near the Archie Post Athletic Fields to address any impacts and we will continue to do so. If you have any issues, please contact Jeff Schulman, Associate Director of Athletics at 656-3075.

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