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Virtue Field

Exciting changes have happened at the University of Vermont’s Archie Post Athletic Complex. The area has been transformed in recent years with the addition of two artificial turf fields: Moulton-Winder field for field hockey and Virtue Field for soccer and lacrosse as well as the construction of the new Outdoor Track and Field facility.  We are very excited by these changes that have improved the experiences of our varsity athletes as well as for the community members who use the complex. 

We will be continuing the improvements this summer with the addition of bleachers, support buildings, and lighting and sound systems at Virtue Field.  State of the art lights that shine directly onto the field will be used as well as a sound system that limits the amount of noise heard towards the neighborhood.

Meetings have been held with neighbors from South Burlington's Spear Street/East Terrace Neighborhood Association as well as Burlington's Ward 6 Neighborhood Planning Assembly. Below are some of the images shown in the neighbor meetings. Be sure to check the FAQs page for more information.

Rendering of Virtue Field - looking southwest from Gutterson Field House area

Rendering of Virtue Field

Rendering of Virtue Field - looking northeast towards Gutterson Field House and Spear Street

Rendering of Virtue Field

State of the art lighting systems will direct light onto the field with little spillover. Neighbors on Spear Street may be able to see the light poles, but they will not be affected by light spillover into their neighborhood. Neighbors in the South Prospect Street area will not be able to see the light poles or experience any spillover.

Virtue Field lights will shine directly onto the field with little spillover

Likewise, the sound system is designed to direct noise towards the bleachers and the field. This image illustrates the decibel levels for the Virtue Field sound system. On the east side, towards Spear Street, the decibel level at Moulton Winder Field will be a maximum of 43 decibels. In comparison, conversational speech is 70 decibels. To the west, the maximum decibel level will be 46 decibels before the sound gets to the new Redstone Lofts. This means that the residential neighborhoods will not be greatly impacted by the sound system at Virtue Field.

Virtue Field sound system will limit noise spillover beyond the field


Questions about the planning of Virtue Field? Contact Lisa Kingsbury at or 656-1059.




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