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Do I need a computer for physics? Many students find it handy to use their own laptop computers or wireless devices to access information on the UVM wireless network from campus locations, including most physics classrooms and study areas, but students will also have access to UVM computer labs within the physics department to assist them with laboratory and class assignments. Campus computing labs
Can I get extra help with my Introductory Physics course? In addition to getting help from your instructor during their scheduled office hours, or during your weekly recitation period, there are Walk-in Help sessions that meet regularly every week. You do not need an appointment to attend these. Click on the "Help" Clinics link above to see the current schedule of Help sessions.  
Can I get a tutor to help me with Physics? You should contact the UVM Learning Cooperative to arrange for a paid tutor. University policy prohibits your physics course, recitation or lab instructors from serving as paid tutors. UVM Learning Cooperative

How do I get more information about undergraduate research opportunities?

Please contact the UVM Department of Physics Office. UVM Physics Department

How do I get course credit for physics courses taken elsewhere?

Please email the course information (syllabus, exams, text information etc) to our committee on transfer of credit. Use "physics credit transfer" in the subject. Physics committee for transfer affairs

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