Physical Education Credit for Club Sports

Fall Semester 2008

PEAC 005

Physical Education Department Policies pertaining to Club Sport Credit

  1. In order for athletes on any Club Sport to receive Physical Education credit, each year, every Club Sport must be approved by the Director of Physical Education Basic Instruction in Room 152, Patrick Gymnasium (see below for approval procedures).
  2. The approval process is designed to show that each Club Sport receiving Physical Education credit meets the minimum standards of orgnaization, administration, participation and competition which are required to be eligible to receive Physical Education credit.
  3. A club sport athlete may only receive 1.0 credit per year per sport.
  4. An athlete may only receive credit for the semester their sport is in its traditional competitive season.
  5. If the traditional competitive season for a club sport spans both semesters, the athlete may choose either Fall or Spring semester to receive the credit. The athlete may NOT receive credit for both semesters.

The Approval Process for a Club Sport to receive Physical Education Credit

  1. The club must be recognized by the Student Activities Association.
  2. Each year an officer of every club must schedule an approval meeting with the Director of Physical Education Basic Instruction, Room 152, Patrick Gymnasium.
  3. Each year every club must submit the following to the Director of Physical Education Basic Instruction, Room 152, Patrick Gymnasium:
    • A current practice schedule
    • A current competition schedule
    • A current club roster
    • A current coach's resume
    • A current list of club officers
    • The name and campus address and campus phone number of the Club Sport's current UVM faculty advisor
    • If there is no information in the table below for a particular club sport, it means that the club has not been approved for Club Sport Credit by the Assistant Director of Athletics for Basic Instruction. The reason the club has not been approved for Club Sport Credit is probably because the club has not furnished the information listed above which is required for the approval process.
  4. To receive credit, the minimum number of competitions on a club sport's schedule is 8 contest days. A contest day is defined as the club competing in 1-4 contests on 1 day. If the club competes in 5-8 contests on 1 day, that will be considered 2 contest days. One calender day can be counted as no more than 2 contest days. To receive credit, each athlete must be available to compete on six (6) contest days.
  5. The faculty advisor is responsible for attesting to each player's eligibility when the grade sheet is completed. If the advisor fails to submit a grade, the athlete (s) will not receive credit.
  6. Club sport credit is awarded on an S/U basis.
  7. To submit grades, during the grading period at the end of each semester, the UVM faculty advisor for each club sport must come to the Fitness Center in Gutterson to complete the grade sheet for the club sport they are responsible for.

Table of Computer Codes and Sections for Club Sport Credit-Fall Semester 2008

Club Sport NameComputer CodeSection
Water Polo Club  A
Crew Club  C
Cycling Club  E
Equestrian Club  F
Men's Soccer Club  AD
Triathlon Club  AE
Fencing Club  B
Women's Basketball Club  D
Ice Hockey Club  G
Men's Rugby Club  H
Women's Rugby Club  I
Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club  J
Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club  K
Volleyball Club  L
Sailing Club  M
Taekwondo Club  N
UVM Dance Team  O
Rollerhockey Club  Q
Figure Skating Club  R
Men's Lacrosse Club  S
Women's Soccer Club  T
Women's Lacrosse Club   U
Women's Gymnastics Club  V
Men's Gymnastics Club  W
Shotokan Karate ClubNOT AVAILABLE
Orchesis Dance Club  Y
Men's Swimming Club  AA
Golf Club  AB
Cheerleading  AC

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