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The following sites provide information on specific perennials. Only firms and sites fairly easily accessible, with seemingly accurate information at time of checking, and some identification, are listed. This list is reviewed and updated periodically, but is by no means inclusive, is constantly changing, and is not meant to discriminate against those sites not mentioned nor endorse those mentioned.

More links and resources, especially for the larger genera, can be found under the Specific Plants Sources of Other Perennial Web Sites-- both the societies and garden gates.   Please also see listings for Perennial Sources, Local Perennial Sources, or Wholesale Perennial Sources-- many catalogs and nurseries having extensive plant details. State University Extension clickable map for all states, some with publications on specific plants for specific areas.

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Clematis Queen  much from former American Clematis Society daylilies gardens listing

All Things Plants lots of photos, forum on indoor to outdoor, A-Z

RHS Plant Selector  find plants for certain conditions, plant details e-version of A Modern Herbal of 1931

Coleus Central obviously not perennials but a great resource site, lots of info and photos and cultivars




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Natives, Woodland |


North American Rock Garden Society seed exchange for members

The Alpine Garden internet site for enthusiasts worldwide


Midwestern Wetland Flora guide, species, information from nonprofit USGS center

Bulbs, other Geophytes  lots of photos and basics on bulbs
DahliaFrance lots of dahlia info, links, photos, in French
TulipWorld very resourceful site on tulips and all bulbs, design, buying, more

Daylily daylilies gardens listing


All Things Plants lots of photos, forum on indoor to outdoor, A-Z  info and photos of wide range of ornamentals

GardenRant popular gardening blog including some well-known names

Herbaceous Garden Plants online  my non-credit course from Univ. Vermont plant encyclopedia, over 40,000 plants  extensive photo catalog from large perennial wholesaler, MI

Plants Database from Mich. State Univ., extensive, many photos 

Plant Evaluation Notes trials results by genus, Chicago Botanic Garden 

Plants Magazine  plant links to those with new or different plants
RHS Plant Selector  find plants for certain conditions, plant details
The Plant List most comprehensive ever, over one millions genera and species, from Kew


Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants several genera collected, preserved, for sale 

Digital Librarian loads of links to historic gardening sites

Herbs e-version of A Modern Herbal of 1931
Henriette's Herbal Homepage articles, great resources, listserv archives
HerbNet comprehensive site on herbs, Herb Growing and Marketing Network


Giboshi arekore some culture and other, many photos

Hosta Webring an entry point to this ring

Hosta Photo Libarary mainly photos by plant name, also links, screensaver, more

Houpt's Hosta Habit articles, links, over 90 images

Hosta Forum online place to discuss hostas


Irises from David Pane-Joyce at Clark Univ, includes historic drawings

Organic, Sustainable


Sustainable Gardening lots of information from a MD gardener, other gardeners, and professionals

Garden Desk organic gardening tips from KY home gardener

Ornamental Grasses, Bamboo

Ornamental Grass Forum from the Garden Web 


Arisaemas or Jack-in-the-Pulpits, from Intl. Aroid Society
Brad's Begonia World not perennials for most of us, but a good resource for this genus
Cacti and Succulent Mall incredible resource, including hardy cacti listserver, multilingual

Clematis Queen  much from former American Clematis Society

Coleus Central obviously not perennials but a great resource site, lots of info and photos and cultivars

Daisy Paradise extensive A-Z listing, information, photos on daisies and relatives

Epimediums photos from expert Darrell Probst
Erodiums listing with photos

Ferns of New England listing with photos, links

Floras floras of various countries, including N America, entirely online with photos

Geraniaceae Group links, photos, books, information, membership on Geranium family
Growing Hardy Palms questions and answers, plants, sources
Hops varieties, growing tips and results from Vermont

Osteospermums lots of info and photos
Plantadvisor SW and desert plants with culture and photos, from NMSU
Pumpkin Nook more than you every thought about pumpkins
Salvias, World of  links, photos, plants for sale

Specific Perennial Sources another listing on this site


HelpMeFind search for peonies by name, sources

Peony Forum hosted by GardenWeb 


HelpMeFind search for roses by names, sources 


Tropical Hibiscus culture, photos, links, extensive and nice graphics

Wildflowers, Natives, Woodland

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center national site, non-profit org. from TX

New England Wildflower Society non-profit in MA, links, articles, resources

Wildflowers and Native Plants webring for sites on native plants and wildflowers
Wildflowers in Bloom photos, culture, sources, links, from Texas Extension

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