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RHS Plant Selector  find plants for certain conditions, plant details 

Deer Busters photos and videos, informatiion, for deer control in gardens and landscapes

Toxic and non-toxic plants for pets from ASPCA

World Weather  information service from WMO

Find It: photos, plants, information

Photos--also do a search under Google images or similar

Conversion table for gardeners' weights and measures
New Eden some new plants, photos, descriptions from Pride of Place Plants
Plants for a Future over 7000 plant database, resources, edible and useful plants
Masked flower images plant images to buy for design programs from Nature's Best
Botanique over 2400 links to gardens, resources, event calendar
Botanic stores, products, plant information--in French
OSU Webgarden  images, videos, FAQs, glossary, over quarter million university information sources  extensive photo catalog from large perennial wholesaler, MI
Seeds by Size over 8000 listed, good sowing info, no photos, Herts.

National AG Library online searching with AGRICOLA, articles, photos,
European hardiness zones based on USDA zones
Glossary of Botanical Terms over 4400, searchable
International Plant Names list Naamenlist, woody plants and perennials, standard in Europe, searchable
Plant Information Online U.S. sources, citations, nurseries for 75,000 plants, from UMN
Garden Guides  leaflets on plants and topics, in addition to ordering plants and products searchable mailing lists, many plant profiles and more photos, articles
PLANTS Database from USDA, searchable names, mapped distribution

Plants Database from Mich. State Univ., extensive, many photos 

Gardener's Directory links to resources, sources in over 50 categories

USDA hardiness zones map, discussion, listing, from USDA

Hardiness Zone Maps  Canada, Europe, U.S., from ICanGarden

Canadian Hardiness Zone Map both 1967 and 2000, English and French, from Ag Canada
Australia Plant Hardiness Zones map, descriptions, from National Botanic Gardens
Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs over 2000 garden catalogs listed by subject, U.S and Canada

Plant Profiles articles on various plants and groups of all types, Chicago Botanic Garden 

Plant Evaluation Notes trials results by genus, Chicago Botanic Garden 

Plantfinder from Missouri Botanic Garden, 40 characteristics for over 3500 plants, searchable
National Gardening Association
extensive articles searchable, resources, dictionary of terms
 Doctor Greenfingers lots of information, links, humorous, besides questions and answers
Garden history links just that, resources, gardens

Floral radiographs floral photos made with Xrays, very unique, from a retired professor

State University Extension clickable map for all states, counties with contact info

Gardening jokes from Diacks nursery, New Zealand

Photos of early 20th century gardens by famous Frances Benjamin Johnston, from Library of Congress
Learning More

Landscaping articles on organic approaches

Wild Ones articles on natural landscaping, Midwest emphasis  info and photos of wide range of ornamentals, New Ornamentals Society

Seed Starting details on common plants, sowing tips

Distance Horticulture Courses established program from Univ. Guelph (CN), now parts online

Herbaceous Garden Plants online course on plants, culture, and design from University of Vermont

State University Extension clickable map for all states, counties with contact info

Last Page of the Internet says it all, surfing too long?

Pests and Problems

National Plant Diagnostic Network locate state university clinics by region

Cornell Plant Disease Clinic many easily found leaflets on specific crop diseases

Insects identification, photos, controls from VA Tech
Entomology Index of Internet Resources great directory  resource for insects, Iowa State appreciation of insects, macrophotography, role in culture, links

National Pesticide Information Center good starting point on pesticides and companies
ExToxNetany information on any pesticide, searchable
Weed Identification great photos and information, find by name or photos, from Ontario Ag Ministry
VA Tech Weed Guide lots of info and photos on many weeds, easy to use
Weeds photo ID from Rutgers, find by name or thumbnail photos, NJ

Deer Resistant Perennials listing from University of Vermont of many sources

C&P Press Greenbook extensive listing of pesticide labels, manufacturers, msds, searchable

Deer Resistant Plants listing by plant type, feeding habits described, Univ. MD (pdf file)

Plant Diagnostic clinics contact info, many states
Bio Control great starting point for biological controls of pests and weeds, Cornell Univ.

Deer Defenses lots of information on habits, controls, resistant plants, Cornell Univ federal gateway to efforts, resources

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England lists, extensive descriptions and photos, from Univ. Conn.


Publications, Resources
also see Publications, Articles and Leaflets, from these Perry's Perennial Pages

National Gardening Association extensive articles searchable, resources, dictionary of terms,

State University Extension clickable map for all states, counties with contact info

Canadian Gardening articles, resources, sources
Fine Gardening online version of print magazine, articles, calendar, more
Organic Gardening online version of print magazine, articles, links, calendar
Hortus fine garden writing from UK, articles online, subscriptions
Modern Herbal complete text of famous work, incredible herb resource
Horticulture magazine subscription, shopping, articles
National Garden Bureau fact sheets on gardening
Purdue Gardening News news releases, grouped by season, from Indiana
Gardens West magazine for those interested in western Canadian gardening
Gardenline site, leaflets from University of Saskatchewan Dept of Horticulture
Plant Finder database of over 70,000 plants, UK sources, great taxonomic reference
Plants Magazine   new, rare plants
Garden Guides mail order catalog sources, links

  Canadian Gardening magazine plants, design, recipes, resources


 try your state Extension service or master gardener program.)
Also try local garden stores found in phone books, online search engines, or on other linked pages at the bottom of this page

from Perry's Perennial Pages (this site), if you don't find it here on perennials, fill out the form
Gardening in Western Washington
from Wash. State Univ., information, links, questions answered
National Gardening Association search over 28,000 questions and answers

Hortiscope gardening questions and answers, many topics, from NDSU Extension


(non-commercial (unless reciprocal links) or including numerous authors; check nursery websites under Sources as many have their own blogs, as well as most author websites) 

Perrys Perennials mainly timely articles, book reviews from this site

Blotanical hundreds of garden blogs easily found by country or continent

GardenRant popular gardening blog including some well-known names lots on how to create and manage blogs, plus links to blogs

Garden Voices a collection on the GardenWeb from various authors

University Professors knowledgeable and reliable gardening insights from several universities



Specific (specific topics, see specific perennials for plants) wealth of information, sources

Garden history links just that, resources, gardens
Organic landcare
standards, professionals, NOFA (MA)

Organic Gardening Webring sites dealing with this topic

Butterfly Gardening webring for sites on all aspects of butterflies resources, sources, networking from National Gardening
Kindergarden an introduction to ways kids can interact with plants, Texas AM

Japanese Gardens resources, gardens, plants, links, events, more info, sources, more for container and small gardens
Pumpkin Nook so they're not perennials, but an exhaustive site on this plant worth seeing
Bats all you need to know for bat gardening from Bats Conservation International
Wildflower Photography Tips also apply to flowers in general, free ebook
Bryan's Medicinal Plant Links a good place to start, by categories
Lesbian Gardeners website and list for networking
Mary's Gardens and related for the Virgin Mary
Enabling Gardens from, cerebral palsy associations, resources, information
National Ag Library special collections,  rare prints, catalogs, books
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets words describing plants and their meanings
Plants for a Future permaculture-- extensive info on edible, medicinal, and other useful plants
Peat Moss Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss site, all about it
The Cyber-Plantsman Barry Glick's CyberPlantsman, great perennial stuff
Museum of Garden History Home Page garden history from London Tradescant Museum
Over the Garden Gate site for gardening entertainment and information, since 1999
 Gerturde Jekyll official site of the Jekyll estate, links, history, gardens

Bible Plants including plants of Mediterranean, from Old Dominion University

Cornell Composting information, science of, school projects, from Cornell

Composting all aspects from US EPA

Master Composter home site (TX), lots of information and links


Poisonous Plants 

Poisonous Plants to Animals   from Cornell Univ, extensive, photos, information, links
Plants Toxic to Animals
great lists, photos from Univ. IL veterinary library
Poisonous Plants links to key sites and lists, Canadian government site

Poisonous Plants links to databases

Poison Control Centers American Association of..., , note and keep handy the contact info! 

Poisonous Plants of North Carolina applies to many other regions

Guide to Poisonous Plants Colorado Extension, applicable elsewhere

Poisonous Plants from Univ. Pennsylvania listings and more

Toxic and non-toxic plants for pets from ASPCA


Regional, International
(much more information specific to US regions may be found at sites for local garden centers in your state; also on Home Gardens sites)

Water-Wise Plants for Utah not just perennials, from

Cold Climate Gardening resources, blogs, upstate NY events

GreenInfo Landscape, nursery site for regional information,  from Univ. Mass.
Mediterranean Climate Gardening plants, resources, networking, more from the Society
Florida Gardener seasonal articles, tips, links for this climate
Garden UK webring for sites on all aspects of British Gardening events, articles relevant to this city
Connecticut Landscape Plants from Univ. Conn., mainly woodies, virtual campus walks of several NE campuses
Les Beaux Jardins magazine from Quebec (in French), many resources and links
Quebec hardiness zones maps for northern and southern, town listings

USDA hardiness zones map, discussion, listing, from USDA

Hardiness Zone Maps  Canada, Europe, U.S., from ICanGarden

Canadian Hardiness Zone Map both 1967 and 2000, English and French, from Ag Canada
Australia Plant Hardiness Zones map, descriptions, from National Botanic Gardens
Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs over 2000 garden catalogs listed by subject, U.S and Canada
Travel, Tours
Also see Gardens on main links page of this site

Coopersmiths tours to New Zealand, UK, Europe, So Africa
Calendar of Garden Events searchable listing, flower shows and related
British Gardens  and nearby accomodations
Sisley Garden Tours of the UK and Northern Europe

What's the Weather
(Hint: also check your local TV and radio station websites, airlines, and other travel  and news media sites.)
National Drought Monitor maps, info from National Center in Lincoln, NE
Old Farmer's Almanac the internet version, lots besides weather worth checking out
Frost Free dates  by state from Gardening Savvy

NOAA government site for all weather related
NWS National Weather Service
easy to use commercial site with many features, services

The Weather Channel same as on tv
 Environment Canada official Canadian weather, in english or french
Met office official British weather, rest of Europe also

World Weather  information service from WMO
Euro Weather Italy and rest of Europe, in english and Italian

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